Fall 2014 registration is now closed.

Schedules will be announced and posted in late August.

Save the Date!

Picture day is set for Saturday, September 6th at Colubia Park (Imagination Station). Check Bonzi Team for your team's picture time.

Want to get involved and be part of Reynolds Youth Soccer Club? Here are our current open positions:

Equipment Coordinator: The equipment coordinator is responsible for purchasing, distributing, and managing the equipment for the Club, such as nets, cones, first aid supplies, etc. The equipment coordinator conducts inventory and maintains records regarding distribution and storage of all equipment belonging to the Club.

Field Coordinator: The field coordinator is responsible for arranging with facilities for access to and use of fields for practices and games, including applying for and obtaining field permits from park departments and/or school districts for all fields that will be used by the Club's teams. If the Club is responsible for maintaining fields used by the Club, the field coordinator is responsible for purchasing field maintenance equipment and supplies, organizing, and overseeing field maintenance activities, including field lining and goal placement. The field coordinator will also arrange for fields to be lined and set up for matches with goals, nets, and flags in place, and will inspect goals and field equipment for condition and safety.

Referee Coordinator: The referee coordinator shall establish acceptable qualifications for game officials hired by the Club. The referee coordinator will also arrange training to develop referees for the club. The referee coordinator is responsible for scheduling referees for Club games and maintaining records for payroll as needed. The referee coordinator should complete the Assignor Training Course and be certified by USSF. The referee coordinator communicates to the Board on all matters and activities concerning referees.

Fund Raising Coordinator: The fund raising coordinator responsible for carrying out the fall fund raiser, including ordering, distributing and tracking of the product, and collecting of funds raised.

Team Parent Coordinator: The team parent coordinator will work with the team parents selected to represent each team and coordinate activities and information distribution to the team coaches, players and parents.

Not sure if you want to volunteer? Don't worry, we're here to help and support you! Please contact us if you're interested in any of these positions.